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Campmeetin' Revival
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Note: WOW! WOW! WOW!   What a REVIVAL!     July 11, until July 26, 2012
The REVIVAL started on its 3rd week and it was taken night by night until no one was saved........... Total of 15 people that accepted Jesus as their Savior....... Attendence of 25 up to 70 people per night...... Singing was done before church then 3 congregation songs and turn the preachers loose..... A lot of tag preachin' went on............ This was truly a Campmeetin' REVIVAL in the ole time way...... Older women were praying for the youth... A few nights, church would begin after it ended..... No one wanted to go home........
WOW! WOW! WOW!   Praise be to God!  The best Campmeetin' we have ever had.... Can't wait until next year.............. One week after the 4th of July......
Plan your vacation early............ now.............. you don't want to miss this..... 
Make reservations now for next year............  304 583-2825  
A special thanks to the Men of God that let God use them in such a mightly way...... 
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by Robert Walker 
Oct. 25, 2008

When I look at all the television channels we now get, over 50 on our 
cable compared to 3 we had before cable, I wonder why we waste so much 
money on filth and trash. Out of all these channels we have 4 news 
channels, 2 shopping channels, a golf channel, 3 MTV channels, a home 
improvement channel and 2 "Religious" channels. Quite a few other 
stations that I call absolutely worthless. I am sure that there are 
folks who can not seem to live without these stations and a person can 
respect their preferences, but they aint fur me! I can not find 
anything shown on them that I consider entertaining. 
The most wasteful stations I have found are the two reigning 
"religious" stations that we currently receive on our cable service. 
TBN and INSP. Before you drag me to Pontius Pilate and scream like the 
High Priest of the day. Before you begin to build a cross on your own 
self righteous Golgotha's Hill, hear me out. 
I consider myself a Christian and minister of the word for over 
15 years. The reason  I totally believe in the scriptures from
 the book of Genesis to Revelations. Without question! 
My beef with the "religious" stations are very simple. If the majority 
of ministers that stand in front of the camera day after day, twisting 
the Word of God around to make saps believe that Heaven is in 
recession and God needs money to help pay mortgage cost. Wait, maybe 
God financed Heaven with Lehman Brothers. That would explain a lot and 
I would not have to write any further. But any nut job knows that God 
(well those who believe in God), created Heaven and owes no one 
nothing on its construction. But these fruitcake satanic liars sure 
want you to believe that God is in desperate need for cash. Now, who 
gets the cash? Anyone ever write a cheek or "sow a seed" with "Pay to 
the order of GOD" written on it? The ministers get it. NOW I AM SURE 
the work of God with programs on these stations!!! But very few. 
It appears that every time I come across these stations, some idiot is 
trying their very best to find scriptures that they use to make you 
think that the reason your shoes don't fit right anymore is that you 
have not been sending money to God. 
I apologize for calling them idiots. I really do. They are very 
intelligent. They manage to live the life of prosperity without 
financial worry simply because they have found a way to manipulate the 
Jo Schmoes into sending them every dollar that they make. Simply by 
making him believe that God is sad and Heaven is in danger of 
foreclosure because they been hording up all of Gods money. 
Today (10/25/2008) I ran across another nut job. Today I listened to 
Morris Cerrillo tell me and other TV listeners that, "If I began to 
pay or sow a seed of $240, God would double my anointing. WOW!!! God 
is running a special today only,,,for a small price I can get me a "10 
fold anointing", as Cerrillo called it, for the amazingly low price of 
$240. I actually got ill at my stomach. 
On another of INSP's shows is one called "Financial Solutions with Dr. 
Todd Coontz". I have previewed this dude as well. Standing there with 
his fine tailored suit that God knows I could never afford. Super fine 
watch and rings on his arm and hands. The whole premise of this show 
is to let you, the listener know that, God will make your life so much 
better if you send him money. 
And ole Mike Murdock, I can not begin to tell you how many times I 
have surfed past that channel and seen him in the pink tie. Either he 
really likes that tie or he has a ton of em. All I have ever heard 
from this man is how you need to make a cash donation to God and HIS 
work. 2 days ago, Murdock or God was running a "God-Mart Blue Light 
Special". Apparently, Murdock found 55 specific blessings in the Bible 
that can be yours for the amazingly low price of $55.(Void where 
prohibited, taxed or restricted). Now he was certain to let you know 
that the 55 specific blessings were all that he had found in the Bible 
and that you may be able to find more or a few less. It apparently 
depended on the reader. Why just 55 blessings? Probably because he 
needed a bunch of idiots to send him $55 and he needed a safety net or 
bait to be a fisher of men. 
Now please do not hate me too much. I know I mentioned these three 
gentleman and not others. In truth, TBN was the front runner for the 
God-Mart scam and still is. It is rare that you hear anything about 
the true gospel of Jesus Christ on any of the stations. I remarked 
once to my wife that the letters "TBN" stood for "Trinitys Bunch of 
Nuts". Not to even go near the Tammy Faye clone with the pink hair and 
Bonnie Lou and Buster dress.That, bless her heart, when she cries, she 
looks as bad as Jack Nicholson did in "Batman". 
All you hear anymore are ways they have found for you to become rich 
and famous. Successful and prosperous. Drive fine cars, fly around in 
airplanes.Live in grand homes and have someone else pay for em Like! 
Oh-My-Goood! Jesse Duplantis has made many televised sermons on how 
God wanted him to have a much bigger, better and faster jet to run the 
skies in. Guess who foots the bill for all this extravagant living? 
Wish God talked to me like he does Brother Duplantis. No, wait, no I 
don't either. 
The totally amazing thing about all of it is,the people fall head over 
hills for the these scam artist's. I guess David Hannum, P.T.Barnums 
competitor, said it best.."There's a sucker born every minute". 
These folks should change their names to "God-Mart. Always the lowest 
price on blessings, always". I have seen so many, one in particular, 
Paula White, "preaching" one day, talking about the "season for 
change", Your true Harvest", and so many other catch phrases. While 
she babbled on, the marquee at the bottom of the screen continuously 
flashed,"Release the seed in your hand so God will release the 
blessing from his", "Sow today for your blessing tomorrow", "The 
biggest seed you sow will determine the biggest blessing God will 
release". As her ministry brags about earning over 10 million dollars 
a year. Did God give her that money of idiots who believed her? You 
Even Perry Stone adds his wish list in there with Manna Fest. Letting 
everyone know about all the Old Testament feast offerings that had to 
be made. And he is right. All those offerings he talks about WERE a 
requirement by God for the Hebrew people to atone for their sins But 
he fails to mention that the Old Covenant was done away with when 
Christ was crucified and rose the third day. The many different feast 
and ceremonial offerings were made complete with Christ and are no 
longer required. But they need you to believe that they are still a 
requirement so THEY can get rich from your stupidity 
Do we rob God? According to Malachi Chapter 4, we do. But how? It is 
written in Psalms Chapter 50 verses 9-12,"I will take no bullock out 
of thine house, nor he goats out of thy folds. For every beast of the 
forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills. I know all the 
fowls of the mountains; and the wild beast of the field are mine. If I 
were hungry, I would not tell thee; for the world is mine and the 
fullness thereof." 
God said that the world was already his and he did not need you to 
feed him. They do not preach these things do they? 
Even in Matthew 22, Jesus ask, concerning paying tribute to 
Caesar ,"Who is this image and superscription? They say unto 
him,Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar 
the things which are Caesars and unto God the things that are Gods." 
The money I have in my pocket is not Gods. He never made it. BUT he 
DID BLESS me with money. Because money is needed to live in this 
world. I can use that money to help further ministries such as 
missionary work. Helping the needy and such as that. But God does not 
need money to make things happen, what is needed there is called 
If God wants me to have a extremely fine home and extravagant car and 
lifestyle, why did Jesus preach against it? 
In Matthew 19, verse 21, Jesus replied to a wealthy man when ask what 
he must do to enter heaven,"If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that 
thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in 
heaven;and come and follow me." 
Again he said in Matthew Chapter 6, verses 19-21,"Lay not up for 
yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and 
where thieves break through and steal; But lay up for yourselves 
treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and 
where thieves do not break through nor steal. For where your treasure 
is, there will your heart be also." So where are your treasures? Who 
is right? The Televangelist who tell you God wants you to be rich or 
the Son of God who warns against being rich? If you want to be 
prosperous, turn back to Deuteronomy Chapter 28 and read. It tells 
quickly how to be rich, blessed and prosperous. 
Now if you decide that I do not know what I am talking about. And your 
preacher is so wonderfully correct. How many folks have been saved in 
your church over the last week? Month? Six months? Past year? How 
about baptisms? Any? 
And if you said,"Hmm Ole Rob does not know anything about the Word of 
God, all he has quoted has been from one book, Matthew." My reply to 
you is this, I used the Book of Matthew as a quick reference. Does not 
take all day to find the point and make it, or, it is like Geico, So 
easy a caveman can do it. 
We rob God, indeed. But consider the fruits of the spirit written in 
Galatians Chapter 5. "love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, 
goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; against such there is no law." 
What has been the best that God has given to you? Salvation? Peace? 
Joy? Happiness? Contentment? Have you invested those things in others? 
Sow a seed that really matters. Show others what God has given you, 
not the things of this world. 
Preachers, return to the WORD. Stop trying to convert your ministry 
and church to follow after the idiots from television. Go back to the 
Book of Ezekiel, namely Chapters 33 and 34 and double read. Bunch of 
"Self righteous. holier than thous" gonna have to stand before God one 
day and take account. Then your money will not help you. Cause on that 
day, God will not be accepting anymore tax exempt donations. 
Christianity is being made a mockery by these people. The kingdom of 
God suffers because of it. The sons of man die by the thousands each 
and every day because those who call themselves "Ministers of the 
Gospel of Jesus Christ" are more worried about making a buck than 
snatching a soul from the pits of Hell. SHAME AND DISGRACE ON YOU 
Preach the blood of Christ. The sacrifice that was made for the 
redemption of all mankind. Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord 
shall be saved. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. I welcome 
Hope ya still like me a little after this. Contrary to popular belief, 
you DO NOT HAVE to love me! But as John wrote in 1John Chapter 4 
verse20, "If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a 
liar; for he that loveth not his bother whom he hath seen, how can he 
love God whom he hath not seen?". 

  Rev. Robert Walker
Campmeetin' Revival

September 4, 2006
Rev. Tommie Cline wrote
 this prayer to God.
I am writing you for a revival, for unsaved souls to be saved. In this place of worship.
You, first draw all unsaved accordingly to your word, that they could come to Jesus.
Bless us to preach your word and lift Jesus up, so he could draw all unsaved unto him. 
With love, your servant,
                 Tommie Cline