Christ Praying in the Rock!
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A 30 ton boulder that appears to bear the image of Christ in prayer is the focal point of Paradise Island of Christian, WV. The rock was unearthed in 1985 during a routine blasting at Arch Coal at Logan, WV. The rock crashed to the foot of the hill, landed bottom heavy and wedged into smaller rocks, the front of the rock felled off and inside was the imaged of Christ praying up toward heaven. Jim Holstein drove by and discovered the picture of Christ praying on the rock. It's a side silhouette of Christ, of his head profile, from his hair up, with his face tilted up toward heaven.
Thousands of people have view this rock from as far away as Paris France, Australia, Africa, Pueto Rico, Netherlands, Canada, and from all over the United States. The 700 Club will be doing a story of this in the near future.
Come and see!
This is the place where the rock was originally found.
This is an image of Christ made by God. A side silhouette of Jesus hair and his face which is tilted up toward heaven..
By this photo, it easy to
see the picture of Christ
on the left.

"Christ Praying in the Rock!"
You can view this natural phenmenon FREE!
Found in 1985 at Arch of WV Coal Mines near Logan, WV.
Given to Paradise Island of Christian, Inc.
and unveiled September 24, 1994.

Estimated at 60,000 lbs.  (30 tons.)

Made not by man, but created by God!
Please be patient while the pictures are downloading..............
Christ Praying in the
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Come and see!
Christ Praying in the
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