Good Samaritan Outreach
The Good Samaritan Outreach is just now being developed to help the poor and elderly in Southern West Virginia. From teaching jobs, to feeding the poor, to replacing a roof, to weather proofing a senior citizen home. You can be part of this also, call (304) 583-2825 for details about volunteering and how to make tax deductable contributions.
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The 5013 C is now
approved on August 24, 2001;

* Christian Ministries;
This non-profit status will provide help from more volunteers and more donations will be provided, because of the tax deduction. This will provide funds for the Gospel Sings and the improvements to the Passion Trails.
Camping is available to the youth groups, church groups, women and men groups for Christian Retreats.

* Senior Citizens Program;
The Outreach will provide food, clothing and special outings for senior citiizens on Miracle Island Unlimited, with events catered toward them.
We will organized a group of people that will volunteer for services, to make repairs on senior citizens homes, to visit the homebound and the nursing homes with special little gifts.
* Welfare Program;
People helping people. After five years for your whole lifetime, you can't draw welfare ever again.
So now its falling back to the churches, the way it should be. Welfare was suppose to  help in an emergency, not create a life style.
      We feel that they need their self respect back and we would like to help them find a job. We feel that most people given a chance would want to make it on their own, and we hope to help a few.
The bible teaches us, for the older women and men to teach the younger. To teach them how to make it on their own. For example how to cook, clean and take care of themselves.
Thats what our volunteers has learned. Some has helped us for eight years as we needed them, even after they found a better job, they still return to help us in their spare time and we love them as our family.
Sometimes a person needs to be shown how. A person can be poor but you don't have to live in a hog pen. Mama always said, "You always have soap and water. No matter what financial shape you are in, there is no excuse for living in filthiness."  
You can now make tax
deductable contributions.

Send to:
Miracle Island Unlimited
777 Paradise Island
Verner WV 25650

Or call and charge it to:
American Express

Or you may wish to donate:
Volunteer Time of:
Dozer work
50 scenes to be built of the Passion Trail
Gravel delivered
and much more.
Weed-eating or Grass cutting.

A receipt will be sent back
to you.

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