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Coal Companies, Construction Companies, Lumber Companies, may now donate in supplies and donations of time and equipment for a tax deduction.

If interested contact Miracle Island Unlimited.
Individuals or Companies can now make a donation for a tax write off. You will recieve a receipt for tax purposes.

Miracle Island Unlimited is being
organized with two main purposes.

The first purpose: To tell history, with a recreation walking trail:
The Guyandotte Recreational Trail:
1/2 mile trail soon to be 1 mile. FREE to the public.
Pond and creek needs to be cleaned out and dug deeper First. Then large rock to rock the banks of the island.
Needed is endloader and back hoe work. Fill and gravel. Lighting installed. One restroom with 2 bathrooms. Gravel for road.

Chief Logan's Historical Trail and the Annual Pioneer/Indian Festival the third Saturday in July. (Told by local actors who donates their time.) Which the Festival includes arts and crafts fair, mountain storytellin', Live history of Chief Logan's Trail, civil war re-enactments, Indian tribal dancing, Logger's competition, old timey games for the children. This date was changed this year, so this year it will begin again all over with a small crowd and build again.

Also the Passion Trail "The Footsteps of Jesus" is performed 12 nights a year and so far to over 21,283 people in 102 nights. FREE to the public.

We hope to soon have a small train that people could ride around the island. With proceeds toward the non-profit Miracle Island Unlimited.

There will soon be special fundraising events throughout the year to keep all this going.
All donations and people donating their time will be for Miracle Island Unlimited.

And the second purpose: People helping people, in and around our communties, when
ever the need calls for: to help Senior Citizens, or the helpless, or the needly people of our area. And this also includes activites for the for unfortunate which could not afford to enjoy life. For instance: There is no charge for all Gospel Sings, Passion Trails, playground, fishing, picnicking, Chief Logan's Historical Trail, walking trails, viewing of the tourist attraction on Paradise Island, "Christ praying in the rock!", seeing the critter's and watching them perform on the island. We feed and take care of 11 critter's not counting the wild life.
If the public wish, they can leave a donation.
Miracle Island Unlimited was charter as non-profit on Paradise Island in 1996 and on August 24, 2001 became a 501-3-C Status. Paradise Island is a profit business with Miracle Island Unlimited being non-profit. Including special events, history trails, free sings, festivals, and to help the needy through Good Samaritan Outreach.
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