Welcome to Paradise Island

                            Welcome to Paradise Island, Logan County Route 80 between Man and Gilbert, near Verner at Christian, WV. South 80, 5 miles from Man, WV and North 80, 7 miles from Gilbert,WV
Interesting titbit: Between Man and Gilbert, the Guyandotte River flows down North.

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To: 777 Paradise Island Road
Man, WV 25635
Number and Street:
From Charleston WV:
The best way in, interstate all the way to Logan. Take Oakwood Road, 119 South in Charleston to Logan, (73 miles) take the Logan exit (Walmart). Follow Rt. 73 east, 3 miles to Logan. Take South 10, 13 miles to Man, WV, cross new bridge and bypass Man WV, one mile to the junction. take South 80, 5 miles up the river to Paradise Island. Est. time 1 1/2 hours
From Huntington WV:  

1. Take the Hal Greer exit for 99 miles to Logan, WV and follow the directions from Charleston starting at Walmart on. Note: very curvey road, but you will make good time. Do not take this road if driving a large motor home, RV or camper.   Est. time is 2 hours.
2. The best road for large RV's.    In Huntington take the Charleston exit, I - 64 and then follow the Charleston directions. Est. time is 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours.

From Williamson WV:
Curvey road but the best way in. Take 52 South from Williamson WV to Gilbert  WV for 28 miles.  Then take North 80,  for 7 miles to Paradise Island.  Est. time is 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour.
From Grundy Va.:
Take 83 into Bradshaw WV. then North 80 into Iaeger, Gilbert, then Paradise Island. Curvey road but the shortest way.  Est. time 1 1/2 hours.

From Richlands Va.: Take Route 635 then pick up Route 83 out of Jolo, then take North 80 all the way to Iaeger, Gilbert and then 7 miles to Paradise Island. Curvey roads. Est. time 2 hours.
God's Wilderness Campground
Lodging on Paradise Island
Hatfield-McCoy  Trails System
           Coming from Logan WV, you stay on South 10 for 13 miles
             to Man WV. As you approach the town, you turn on the new
bridge onto the four lane and by pass Man WV. Then after a mile
you will come to a junction. There is a large green sign overhead
that reads "South 80 to Gilbert, right only", take it . T here
you'll see a Exxon Gas Station and Pic Pac Supermarket,
then around the curve you will turn South 80. Go up the river.
Note: Do not cross the bridge but this is where you'll come
to ride the Rockhouse Trailhead on your ATV.
The next place going up the river, you'll will see the Colonial Motel
and Colonial Restaurant, right beside it is a "Tobacco Road Cigarette Store". There you can purchase the permits for the Hatfield-McCoy Trails.
The first little community is Landville, the second is Christian WV , there's
a grade school on the right, 1/2 mile from there is
Paradise Island of Christian WV, on the right.
If you have a long RV, go to the other side of the road to turn onto the
island. Check in at the office, at the glass room on the log home to the left upon entering the island. Please pay upon arrival.
From Bluefield WV:  Note: Save 20 minutes and go to the Hospital which is on Int. 460 at Bluefield and bypass the town. Turn at the Hospital sign and go down the hill, around the hospital and at the bottom take North 52, cross the bridge and you'll see Bluefield State College. North 52 is a curvy road but the best way from Bluefield WV all the way to Gilbert WV, then North 80 for 7.7 miles to Paradise Island.
Est. time is 2 hours.
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From Beckley WV:
1.  If you are coming in from I -77 or I - 64 into Beckley, WV get off at EXIT 44. Take Rt. 3 West towards Glen Daniels, WV. At the light in Glen Daniels, WV go straight onto Rt. 99 West. Cross Bolt Mt. and turn Left onto Rt. 85 South towards Oceana, WV. In Oceana, WV turn right onto Rt. 10 North. Continue on Rt. 10 North to Huff Junction, before Man WV,  Turn Left on Rt. 80 South up the river for 5 miles to Paradise Island. Est. time is 2 hours from Beckley, WV.
2.  Or in Beckley, WV take Rt. 16 towards Sophia, WV. Just before Sophia, WV turn right onto Rt. 54 towards Mullens,WV  then at Maben WV turn right onto Rt. 97 to Pineville, WV. In Pineville, WV  turn right onto Rt. 10 North towards  Oceana, WV. Continue to Huff Junction before Man, WV, there turn left onto Rt. 80 South for 5 miles up the river to Paradise Island.  Est. time 2 hours.        
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When GPS is turn on, you will be able to find us by:
Paradise Island Road, Man, WV 25635